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Progressbar Calculator is fast, accurate and incredibly attractive assistant with math skills. The retro look of this app will not leave you indifferent. There is nostalgia in every button.

Yeah! This is the Calculator from Progressbar95. This app is so confident that decided to try itself as a separate and independent tool. It kindly agreed to perform a standard set of calculations for you.

Progressbar Calculator will handle simple calculations that you need in your daily life. In basic mode, this application performs arithmetic calculations, but it can also calculate the square root and percentages.

This Calculator will remind you of the good old days. It may not remember all your calculations, but you do remember the all the good times when you used it.

- Familiar & Intuitive interface
- Retro visuals
- Big buttons
- Basic arithmetic calculations
- Variety of backgrounds
- Ability to open multiple windows for the calculations

Retro Progressbar Calculator plans to develop, change and update. Support it!

Release Notes:

- Copy/Paste function
- New skins: from Progressbar 95plus to Progressbar 1X
- Daily Chests - use app daily and get awesome gifts
- New Sounds
- Trophy road - get trophies and receive wallpapers & skins for free
- New wallpapers
Progressbar Calculator - Retro
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