Stock up on weapons, dust the crystal ball and go into the battle. The pirate’s law says that everyone is for himself! The more pirate ships you sink, the more gold you get. Gold is needed to upgrade weapons and ship, use armor and become the richest pirate of all […]

Pirate Bay – Hero Adventure

Players take turns building their army and fighting against each other, terrain affects attack and mobility of units. 7+ millions of games played and counting.The BEST MULTIPLAYER TURN-BASED STRATEGY GameFEATURES:- 3 races, each with 10 varied units.- 50,000+ user created maps to choose from.- Play multiple games at once.- Team […]

UniWar: Multiplayer Strategy

Hex Warriors welcomes you in the medieval fantasy world of Humans, Ogres and Undeads. Choose your tribe and lead it into war in this free turn based strategy RPG game. Fight offline and online. Team up with friends and join game community.As in chess, each turn matters. Choose strategy knowing […]

Hex Warriors

Welcome to Jewel Archer, where Match 3 meets Archery! Jewel Archer is a fresh take on the genre: instead of picking jewels with your finger, shoot them with a bow. Game takes place in 3 different medieval locations: Open Field, Castle and Forest. There are 5 game modes to choose from. Adjust

Jewel Archer

Tringles is simple and very addictive puzzle game. Just rotate and drop blocks on the game field to form and destroy full lines of triangles. There are 3 types of lines : one horizontal and two diagonal Destroy multiple lines at a time for additional bonuses. Compete with your friends via global